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Big Blue Sky

Melinda - soundstage - some love for this performance!

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This is a clip from YouTube. As I mentioned in a recent post elsewhere, the fella in the hoody is a musician who uses his teaching & performing knowledge to analyse his favourite players / performances. Sometimes he's insightful.  Sometime he pretty much just smiles and enjoys the show & gives some factual background. Which, ahem, fans are likely to know already. Given that, he has a quiet positive enthusiastic vibe -  I haven't seen one where he rips critically into a performer, so if you want that, look elsewhere ;)

interested in watching Melinda?  (spoiler alert) this is one where he's geeking out and enjoying the moment.  So don't expect anything too deep. :D Having said that, as always, yes, their playing is a masterclass... amazed & impressed by just how much communication is going on between them all.  And wow notice how well they're all controlling tempo and volume by creating rapt near-silence just before Benmont's solo explodes.  



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