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Big Blue Sky

Things like that "one little promise" in American Girl

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Sometimes we're listening to a song we know well & I think um hang on, what's the songwriting actually mean in that line? Not on any great quest to analyse lyrics, at all! I assure you! But what if I've been getting it wrong? 

  • So, things like that "after all it was a great big world with lots of places to run to & if she had to die tryin' she had one little promise she was gonna keep"...

The other day stuck on a train, my mind wandering into free association, I thought: I guess I kinda tend to assume this American Girl has absorbed a general promise that she was raised with... It's become her own deeply held belief.  This is basically an optimistic attitude that things will get better for her, especially if she can bust out of her circumstances & find a better life somewhere else ... (& she can keep doing this until she's in a good place)...

There's always the chance to keep on exploring this great big world & if necessary start again somewhere else... So even when she's out there alone on the balcony having a vulnerable moment shivering in the cold, she reaches inside herself & reassures herself with this essential truth... 

Do you think? 😀

(It's not like she has made a specific promise to, I dunno, meet a friend the next day? ;))

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