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Big Blue Sky

Benmont Fri 25 July 2019 Newport Folk Festival

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If anyone stumbles across reasonalbly priced 1 day tickets for this I would love to go!  Had I know he would play this I would have lined up for tix ages ago but its been sold out for a while now. :(  Seems the Newport allows tickets to be resold by original purchasers but it does not seem to allow you to pick single day tix vs the 3 day. 



FRIDAY JULY 26, 2019





“Here’s a guy who is a founding member of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers,one of the biggest rock and roll bands in the world. That would be enough for most folks, right? But Benmont might just be the most restless, searching musician I know. It's like his life has been an immersion program in music. At their invitation, he's been in the room with legends from every generation, playing his ass off, learning everything he can from every player he meets. And, believe me, it's all stored in his mind, ready to come out his fingertips. He turns up everywhere . . . and when he does, things always get more musical.”

– Don Was



Newport Festivals Foundation has made a donation on behalf of Benmont to support Tipitina’s Foundation. This donation will enable the Foundation to continue their youth music intern program – a program which has successfully equipped the musicians of tomorrow with the skill set and support needed for a music career.

Quote from Sandra Benenate, Interim Director

With the generous support of the Benmont Tench and Newport Festivals Foundation, the Tipitina's Foundation is able to provide a higher level of music education for the youth of New Orleans.  This education is setting the groundwork for a group of students, that would not has access to these tools due to a lack of funds or exposure to our programs.

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I'm  a little confused... Correct me if I'm wrong - from what you're saying the only tickets that Newport Folk Festival create & sell are for the whole 3-day festival? And that these were sold-out a while ago?

And yet, in the festival's media publicity, it's only now / very recently that artists (such as Benmont, legend, obviously) are being confirmed?

  • So in other words, music fans have to quickly buy 3-day tickets even before anyone really knows who'll be playing? Basically, fans are betting that there'll be enough musicians they like to make it all worthwhile? 
  • And if fans don't like the musicians, they can sell to other fans, but only as a complete 3-day ticket? 

If that's the case, Hoodoo Man, I feel your pain.  That's brutal. 

(In other, unrelated news, we had great holiday a while back that including visiting Newport - we loved the wooden boats museum.)

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...even if the festival tickets turn out to include 1, 2 or 3 day passes, if it's true that local music fans have to buy early on, in blind faith, before you know who'll be performing onstage is, well, words fail me... sucky? 

Plus it's not like this is a mega-loud band where you & half of Newport can hear the concert for free.

I truly hope for your sake that someone with Festival tickets will discover they have to, say, work the weekend night shift or have a wedding (!) or something... Just something they absolutely must do somewhere else. On the Friday. And so they'll be happy to sell you their ticket at a decent price. Fingers crossed, man. Benmont tickets. 🍀 If you have any lucky socks / 4-leaf clover, whatever, now's the time? 


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Just a correction, there are single day tickets that were sold early on. But the entire thing is sold out now, the Newport people do have a resale section where someone can return unused tickets to be resold at face value but the sign up for that seems to be blind where you enter your info and are sold the ticket when your turn comes  I don't have much interest in the artists beyond Benmont, I saw Sheryl Crow years ago but no longer follow her music and Im not a huge fan of Phil Leish and friends - those were the artists I recognized for Friday. Stub Hub has tickets for Friday but they start at $175 for GA, I guess they were about $90 before fees so its not awful but I'm really cheap...  So I did just check the website and it does let you select one day Friday tickets.  Will have to see if my wife has any interest in this show....  Seems a single ticket single day ticket is possibility... hmmmm

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