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Wildflowers on Vinyl

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They are producing it, its just only sold as part of a box set called 'Complete Studio Albums Vol 2' and includes a bunch of albums (Wildflowers, Shes the one, Echo, Highway companion, HE and Mojo) for ~210 on amazon.  I believe I heard Benmont quoted as saying this release is better than the original pressing which was limited to ~5K copies and was only 130g and the new version is 180g vinyl...  It hasn't been released as a solo Album although the rest of the catalog is still in print / available that way.  It was a no brainer for me to get a copy of the box set when I started buying vinyl last year. :) 

I suspect somewhat that the resurgence of vinyl coupled with Tom's desire to release all the rest going back at least 5 years has had an influence in the studio not releasing a stand alone vinyl album... 

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