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How many Petty songs are also film titles?

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I was just reading about a releasee of the great 1950s movie A Face in the Crowd on blu-ray and it made me wonder if TP had seen that film when he wrote the song. I know he loves classic movies, as he has done commercial reads for TCM and once told an interviewer that if he checked into a hotel on the road and they didn't have TCM on the TV, he checked out immediately.

I also thought of "It's Good To Be King", which seems borrowed from a recurring punchline in Mel Brooks' History of the World Part 1. 

Anyway, how many TP song titles double as film titles, or lines of dialogue from classic films? Here are a few I found on IMDB:

A Face in the Crowd
Red River

The Wild One, Forever
Won't Back Down
The Best of Everything

Billy The Kid
versus Dracula
Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
Between Two Worlds
Dark of the Sun
Good Enough

The Hurt Locker
Let Yourself Go

The City of Lost Children
The Man Who Loves
/d Women
Mystery Man

The Waiting
You Tell Me

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