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Mudcrutch 1 -uncompressed/audiophile CD, accompanying the vinyl version of the album

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Hello Mudcrutch farmers, I am new to this forum. Nice place to be, indeed..

Does anybody has this CD? It was part of the (limited edition?) of the vinyl version of the  2008 Mudcrutch record . Newer pressings don't have this CD anymore. As I am a big Tom and Mudcrutch fan AND audiophile I would appreciate any help..

Servus (hello, goodbye, se you...) from Bavaria

Mannheim, 6/30/2012

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I think I paid about $10 on eBay for that CD.  When I look now, someone is asking over $30.  The CD apparently grades out at DR12 instead of the DR9 grade of the regular Mudcrutch 1 CD.  (DR means "Dynamic Range" for those that don't know.)  

I have ripped it to FLAC, but I couldn't tell you how much "DR" gets lost in the process.  Send me your e-mail address in a PM and I'll shoot you a dropbox download link for it, if you still want it. 

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