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Conversations with Tom Petty Expanded Edition announcement

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Paul Zollo
9 hrs · tagtom petty

Hi TPN friends - posting this photo of my timeworn poster to herald the good news that I finally finished and delivered the new manuscript for the upcoming new edition, to be called Conversations with Tom Petty, Expanded Edition. It will be published - if all goes right - in October in time for his birthday. 

I so appreciate all of you who are excited about its new life and wrote it for all of you. It has much new material - a couple conversations not in the first edition, plus an expansive opening chapter I wrote - and reviews I did of some of his concerts and albums, including his last show and last album. And more. 

It was always my dream to do a new edition of this book, and I am thrilled this is happening. Admittedly, it's not as I had envisioned - which was that Tom would be around and do new interviews about the years missing in the book. I never considered it would be this. So I am both happy and sad - but that is what life is all about. Like Tom's songs - some so purely joyful and exultant, and some very sorrowful -there's both at the same time. . 

But I am very happy it's being done with the blessing of Dana - who told me how much Tom loved the book. Which made me happy forever. It was a happy time working on it with him - and with Dana - They were so happy together. Tom was so in love, and so grateful. "Thank God," he wrote, "it was not too late." It so wasn't! 

This is a slightly raggedy, sun-faded poster from the book tour I did when the first book came out in 2005. I did book signings talking about Tom, which was fun, from L.A. to NY. This one at the NYC Virgin Megastore in Union Square (which is now gone. As is the Hollywood one too, where I did my first event.) 

The greatest part of this tour was that Fender donated a dozen Squire electric guitars, which Tom signed. So I got to give one of these at each event. I'd have people put their name in a hat and choose one. Best way to ever end a book-signing - "Now who is going to go home with this guitar signed by Tom Petty?" 

Plans are not made yet, but I intend to do a book tour when this one comes out. As you know, Tom has serious fans all over this country, and I love to share the Tom love with all. 

The publisher is Omnibus UK. 

Will keep you informed. Thanks for your love of our book. 

"Some things are over
Some things go on
Part of my you carry
Part of me is gone....

But you got a heart so big
It could crush this town..."

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