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Hoodoo Man

any James McMurtry fans out there?

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James McMurtry has long been one of my favorite songwriters that just does not get his due. His lyrics are just simply amazing and his turns of phrase in his songs are top notch.  I was lucky enough to finally catch a live show in Holyoke MA a week or so ago and I find myself digging into his catalog a lot lately. He has recently been signed to New West Records which is the home of John Hiatt so hopefully we get a new album from him sometime this year.  I've been listening to him for about 20 years now and was really blown away by his solo show and would strongly urge you to check him out on youtube or if he comes to your town.   I was not terribly surprised to find out he has a famous writer father Larry McMurtry responsible for Lonesome Dove among other stories... 



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