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18 hours ago, Shelter said:

Mendocino just made me think of TTTPC, I guess. And once my mind was there, it moved on to thinking - giving the specific line in the song's lyrics - what a nice turn of phrase it would have been, calling the cutting of a song that one has once planted a seed for inside, then worked on and watched grow, for "harvest".

No, you're right, not only is it a great image, it's also poetic and beautiful. AND clever.

I didn't mean to be a smartass here. Sorry bout that.

18 hours ago, Shelter said:

So, perhaps I do know a thing or two, anyway. As I were. 

You sure do. :)


18 hours ago, Shelter said:


*Let's face it, had that one line in the TTTPC puzzle - the way everything is puzzles - been about that studio place, there would have been llamas all over the song, right. And, no, I don't mean that literally, either. But it was fun to put it in a footnote. Very meta this thing now, isn't it..


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From Feb 2019 Billboard article.

For Adria, meanwhile, "For Real" sounds "like an epilogue from the grave. It's him looking back on his career when he was putting a compilation together, and here we are digging it out, getting this incredible viewpoint of being an icon, having this huge career, summing it up in this really elegant, meaningful, sincere way. We weren't even sure it was finished when we first found it -- the production was so spare but so beautiful. It's something we wanted to share as pure as we found it."

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