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Hoodoo Man

2019 Imperial Ball

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Mike, Ron and the New Guy played last weekend at the Imperial Ball (as well as some knob ;). Saw this on FB, hope it can be viewed.  Mike sounds amazing as usual.  Please not the empty mic stand center stage, nearly broke me.   Anyone else there?   Also Dana Petty posted a similar video on the Mike Campbell FB page! 💘   You can also see Chinner toward the end. 😎

Anyone make it this year?  Wish I was on the left coast...  :)

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29 minutes ago, Big Blue Sky said:

💔💔💔💔💔 💔💔💔💔💔

thank you for posting this. 

  • Mike Campbell's solo! 

Also at end, where's his guitar... where'd it go? .... Oh phew, Chinner's here. 

You can see him lay it down on an amp at the end of the song and Chinner comes to grab it after Mike leaves.


In the second video from Dana is that one of Toms daughters that blows a kiss about halfway through the video??? 

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