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TW 30th Anniversary

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Yeah I'm thinking of getting the commemorative picture vinyl coming out shortly.  I don't have much of a record collection but it would be fun to have this one.  Its funny.... I got the 4cd set and have only listened to one of the actual CDs, otherwise I seem to be listening to the digital downloads for the box as well as 99% of my listening. I still love to have the physical media just in case but the iPhone is just so portable and easy... 

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The interesting dynamic of the WIlburys as a group is how their friendship was at the core of the whole thing. (As George references his role).

Each had enormous individual talent but were all from different situations

Orbison: Solo Artist
Dylan: Solo Artist, but often working with a veteran back-up band (The Band , Heartbreakers, etc.)
Petty: Single Leader of a Band
Lynne: Leader within a Group
Harrison: 3rd member of the greatest band ever, as well as Solo Artist

Yet it all worked.

No egos, no jealousy, respect for each other, appreciative of the opportunity that was in front of them.

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