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Lyric Question

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So many...

  • Ever since that bathroom scene / there's been a slight concern.

I guess I like this because it has a certain internal rhythm.  It's also a phrase I can imagine someone saying to a friend in a cafe & being overheard by a certain song-writer waiting in line for his coffee.  The poetry in the everyday, you know?

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Great question, almost impossible to answer for me ....A bit like being asked to choose your favourite child, very hard to narrow it down to just one line so below are some of my top favorites, on a side but related note, I think Highway Companion has some of Tom's most strong lyrics...if it was an actual Heartbreakers band album produced by a Rick Rubin producer type rather than a Jeff Lynne producer type style then it would have has a greater mojo! The Golden Rose is a buried treasure classic!!!


All the lyrics in Change Of Heart are outstanding for me, could pick any and every line in that song

I've stood in your gallery,

I've seen what's hanging from the wall

You were the moon and sun,

You're just a loaded gun now.


Shadow Of A Doubt

And when she's dreaming, sometimes she sings in French,

But in the morning, she don't remember it. :)


Blue Sunday

When it's time to leave, you go.


Rebels...every line in this song is killer...

Honey don't walk out, I'm too drunk to follow is one of the best opening lines to any song ever..

I can still feel the eyes of those blue bellied devils,

When I'm walking around at night,

Through the concrete and metal


Golden Rose

Well the golden rose sailed with a broken man goin' south
Got on board with a woman to lead him 'round by the mouth



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- Yeah I just catch myself wondering waitin and worrying about some silly little thing that's gonna add up to nothin

- I'm so tired of being tired / Sure as night will follow day / Most things I worry about / Never happen anyway

- Now and again, I get the feeling / If I don't win, I'm gonna break even

- I feel like a four letter word

- I'm a loser at the top of my game




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