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Mike's Instagram is blowing up, y'all!

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Time to bump this, in case anyone missed all the fun.

Just caught up on some "bathroom jams" I'd missed, myself, and most of them are stellar!

Thought: Mike actually can sing! Just look at some of these videos and marvel, ponder the improvement in the voice department! Part technique, part self esteem? You betcha.

Now, I'd suspect that the widespread idea is that MC can't sing, or that he can a little, and does just very reluctantly. And perhaps that has been the case. Being pushed to the very back of all things vocal, by playing with the Tom-Ben-Stan-Howie-Scott wonder team of back-up harmonies for all these years, never pushed him to practice nor to find the courage and fun in singing, I suppose. Ok, so in 99 - the year of bright energy and great judgement! -  he was all of a sudden pushed forward with I Don't Wanna Fight and I guess we all can agree to disagree on how well that went down. Then, with TDK, he seems to slowly but surely have found his ways with these things, he seem to like it better, being more a front guy and singer, than he used to. He seems to have discovered the fun and to have let down his guard quite a lot. To the point where he even accepts singing live on stage with the established sonic wonders The Fleetwood Max!*

I think he's has been coming a long way in this respect. And to great effect, in terms of vocal quality, control and dynamics, it seems. Now, I think already comparing I Don't Wanna Fight with Victim of Circumstance does tell you something. The latter is clearly better, more controlled, some notes longer without being lost. Still not really great singing in my book, but getting there. From what I heard of TDK and FM live recordings, his live voice is still rather rough for the most part, flat:ish, as if he doesn't quite focus enough on it (no wonder - he's also the lead axe man) or doesn't quite hear himself well enough. Just a bit sloppy around the edges, either way, something you can't afford unless you have a very distinct and good voice to play with.

But - and here at long last - comes the point of this: Hearing MC sing Lucille in that bathroom jam of his Instagram, I think he actually almost nails it! His own cool characteristics and phrasing is there, still it's very sharp and good singing, nice tone. Some confidence and force too. To some extent this may be thanks to the back up ladies, of course. Not only do they make him sound better, they also provide "tone to lean on", so to speak.** But they never the less bring out some really promising singing qualities in MC. So, while he may have some miles left to go in terms of live concert singing, I think with a well balanced back up and an intimate studio context, perhaps overdubs that allows total focus, MC is quite ready to deliver some really REALLY good and cool vocals! I dig this and make me long for his studio work - being it TDK or other stuff - to hit my record player.



*If Someone told me a few years ago that MC would tour with the Mac, I would have said no chance, unless Stevie put him under a gypsy spell - and perhaps that's what she did in the end. If someone told me MC was gonna be in the band and even sing, I would have slapped someone's face.)

**I'm not much of a singer myself, but to the extent that I have been singing I've had a strong feeling that unless you are a very skilled singer, you do get better with support, a harmony or tone unto which to hang your own, that is. It's like the sonic equivalent of moral support I suppose. And come to think of it, a less experienced singer may need both moral and sonic so support, so... 


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Agree 100% - Mike sings so well!!! 

FYI if you're ever looking, keywords are Mike Campbell official instagram. Apparently there are other people in the world also called Mike Campbell running instagram accounts about their personal & professional lives. But the Campbell family snared the "official" one. Yes!

If you're ever looking on Mudcrutch forums, there are some in a couple of different threads. (In taxonomy, dilemmas like this have a whole life of its own - splitters & clumpers. I'm more of a clumper, so everything's together, but see that it makes sense to split things into specific topics too.) 

1) If you wanna see MC's posts all in the one spot, or their most recent posting, just go to their instagram. (If you just want to look & not comment, you don't need an account of your own.)

2) MC with his new band The Fleetwood Macks in forum thread "so Mike is in Fleetwood Mac?" started by timflyte

3) MC with anyone from Dirty Knobs is in that section, probably in "2019 speculation" started by chimera.

4) Specific appearances & musical events tend to pop up in their own threads, such as "2019 Imperial Ball" started by Hoodoo Man and "Rising Up To Paradise" started by Hoodoo Man.

5) special mention here for the Campbell family's involvement with Tazzie Fund (dogs in LA). Check out the thread "something big happened!!" started by IndigoGypsy13. She met Mike & Marcie & Chinner at a meet & greet organized through Tazzie Fund!!!


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7 hours ago, TomFest said:

Sorry, I've missed the back story on these 2 ladies in the shower with Mike.  Who are they?  They sure sing nice.

They sure do!

Dark-haired singer's name is Sharon Celani (sometimes listed as Sharon Celini or Ceylani). Blonde singer's name is Marilyn Martin (Instagram is @marilynmartinofficial)

6 hours ago, Shelter said:

^ Yeah, I believe they are the "Webb sisters" of the Fleetwood Mac tour, so to speak.

Kind of, I guess. Side-musicians.  Singers.  Vocal harmonies. Backup singers. As some listeners point out, Stevie Nicks' voice operates within a narrow range. So having other singers in the studio and on stage too helps create a fuller sound & vocal harmonies. I looked this up just now:

  • Sharon Celani's consistently sung with Stevie Nicks ever since 1978. Usually it's as a pair with Lori Nicks (Stevie's sister-in-law). She's credited for vocals in "Stop draggin' my heart around", "You can still change your mind" & "Don't come around here no more"!! In fact, if you bring up the Whitehouse performance on YouTube, she's there on stage for Silent Night.
  • Marilyn Martin sang on Nicks' album Rock A Little, went off & did lots of other things.  She's also credited for vocals in Don't come around here no more. She's been back singing with Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac since 2016.

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Oh gawd, Mike Campbell communicates so much through his music.  

Uh, hey, if you're not one for checking his social media directly & prefer to pop past here to see what's new (& it seems this is true for a few people), it might be cheering to know there's a small stack of recent posts... forming a temporary backlog as they haven't all been re-posted here. 📚 Plus, the Campbells seem to be posting new content quite often at the moment. 📚 This is good, though, right, because over the next 24 hours or so, I (or anyone else, obviously) will find time to re-post them here.

So, stand by for a mini-tsunami of lots of Mike, guitars, dogs, singing & other lovely insights from our favourite lead guitarist. 🎸

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