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Photo of the Day IV: Don't it feel like Heaven

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I just want to appreciate that Stan could actually lift a, say, a 130-pound human being (which is different from being able to bench-press that same amount of weight) that high in the air.

But much like the Tom mooning Stan to keep him from bitching about whatever I think the only applicable context is they were the Alpha males of that enterprise.  But it was probably a joke of some kind.  It amuses me that there's no reaction from the rest of the guys - like, "Yeah, it's just another day with the Big Dogs."

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Hello, it's the ghost of Muddy and his Magnolia coming through - my sabbaticals wax and wane - but I have an art series coming up of all Tom. (Yes and some Heartbreakers if I get requests) 

What's that you say? Every picture of Tom has been shared? Well why not share them all over again - Right Big Blue? ;)


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