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Photo of the Day IV: Don't it feel like Heaven

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12 minutes ago, MaryJanes2ndLastDance said:

This topic is entirely too girly for me ha ha! I don't even want to make anymore jokes in this one.

 May you all enjoy Tom's cheekbones :P and feathered bangs and whatnot.


cheekbones - yeah!

feathered bangs - ooo that's a detailed observation for someone who isn't interested  in the topic 

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Oh You Pretty Things! "I'm a Man" ... from Dawn of the Dead ... it came to me just now. 

Yes I'm here ... I'm mad baby, we're all mad here. 

Feathered bangs, who made the choice? If Tom wanna do his hair like Farrah Fawcett, that's his prerogative, and G-d delivered the package, he signed. Can't help it if he's got natural Adonis cheekbones. 

Now, who wants to break out the Right Said Fred collection ... he's too sexy for his ... 


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23 minutes ago, MaryJanes2ndLastDance said:

I was lucky to be born observant. You should see how much attention I lavish on a woman B)

Wait ... FEATHERED BANGS is now a minute detail? Blue you sound more like the man ... *snicker* 

Seriously ... girly? Did you see the other photo thread? It was seriously going to start sounding like a group of 40 year old women going to see Magic Mike for the first time ... 

Let's see the manliest photo of Tom I can find. . . 

Wait, muttonchops, that's manly right? No feathered bangs and soft Doris Day light here


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Just now, Big Blue Sky said:

which is partly why I'm personally not so keen on whenever TP has too much facial fuzz.  Why cover that adorable face & cheekbones?  Though admit it would be annoying to have to shave one's face every day for years & years

The hairier the better, gimme hair ... Flow it, show it, long as God can grow it ... 

There was no damned 'Manscaping' in his day, muttonchops, beard, mustache, long long hair ... it's not just a look, it's a lifestyle ... don't box him in baby. 

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On 10/2/2018 at 6:26 PM, twisterseal said:

Oh wow, what a great photo.  Petty was so stylish with his clothes....and that photo with Bob Dylan, such a great photo......he looked so hot 

there for some reason......☺️

For some reason - he's motherluvin' HOT is the reason, didn't you see how 'girly' we all are? ;)

A gift for everyone out there in Pettyland today ... Tom's intoxicating contagious smile (he's laughing, and for those who've heard it, it's the sound of the one note) 


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