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Hoodoo Man

Wildflowers BOX set and Filmore release potential!

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Well, I'm glad to here Adria call the lawsuits a 'nothing burger' and that she and Dana get along etc.  Sadly I wonder how true it is as incidentally I used to see Dana and Annikim cross liking each others post on Instagram but I haven't seen that since word of the lawsuits was out at all. I have a lot of respect for Adria, Anakim and Dana as from what I have seen they all seem like kind genuine people on FB and Insta etc. as well as in published interviews.  It would be great to see either of these releases as the Fillmore shows were simply amazing from what I have heard in bootlegs from both soundboard and audience recordings, I for one would totally be up for a ridiculous box set of all 20 nights, better would be release of individual shows over a period of time like Pearl Jam did some time ago for a bunch of shows.  As for All the Rest I will be happy with anything they have to offer and I would geek out for a box but a double album so to speak will do me fine as well...  I'd love to hear the unreleased tracks and fresh mixes on the rest...  Easily one of my all time favorite albums of any artist as it already stands.

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