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Hi I'm new.....

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On 9/10/2018 at 4:08 AM, Shelter said:

^ Interesting. Must add, since I'm "relatively old" :)and since it's been a while since last it was brought up and there seems to be many younger fans here now and many Europeans too, that in big parts of Scandinavia (Europe) Tom Petty was a major thing, with a big following. Of course this was a bit mellowed by the lack of hit singles and tours here in the last decade or two.. chicken or egg, I know... (The 2012 tour was ecstatically received, but it was the first and only time in 20 years TPATH toured here). But still, they were big and sold well. In the 88-92 era, I would even say they were huge. Then of course.. it's an old love affair.. Scandinavia was the second market they toured over here (after UK) and the second market they broke commercially in general (again, after UK, with US actually just coming in third at really discovering them.) Somewhat simplified you may say that until the 1979 release of DTT, TPATH's main markets were UK, Sweden and parts of West Germany. May seem strange today, when all is said and done and the TP legacy carries such deep California vibes and is truly such genuinely American treasure. But of course.. musically they always were and that's also why so many of us love them! Just saying. 

No way! That's amazing & cool!!

Did you know Australians (of a certain age) like to think that the reason ABBA became huge is because Australia was the first place the band really broke big commercially?  So they are honorary Australians (....being blond may have helped too - hahaha).  

Also I KNOW, Shelter, it's so tough!@!  - they were in Australia and NZ for Torpedoes & then with Bob but not otherwise.  Some thing for Japan (I think) and yet there's a passionate fan club in Japan.  (I see it on-line sometimes).

Have music. Will travel could be name of a song?? .... but to be sensible, yeah, the US market is so big they really could live off that & not have to go seeking out all the far-flung places of the world.  Even so, they spent most of their adult lives traveling, huh?   

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^ Yes way! :) Can't find it, right now, but there is this really cool picture somewhere, of the guys posing outside of city hall, or something, in small university town of Lund, southern Sweden in may 77. Then they were fresh off their first local claim to fame back home (playing recidencies of sorts at the Whisky in LA and Keystone in Berkley) and a rather extensive career breaking tour of the UK, called Terminal Romance. About half a year after the release of their first album. I guess you could say that the press coverage - always hungry for hip new american bands - the specially issued vinyl releases and the radio play of the first singles, kick started their career over here. Just a small show, by a then small and unknown band on their first stop-by, but the wheels were turning and Sweden had a comparatively big TP fanbase ever since, given we're a rather small country with less people than the county of Los Angeles. 

But yeah.. even touring the US, they did so most years and as we all know that is one big country, this meant they were truly a traveling band even without having to cross borders very often. At least once the 1992 tour was over and done with and league A+ legend status was in their hands. Had they wanted to, they could easily have traveled the big citys of america every other year, but at least they (their bookers) tried to vary and expand the route to some extent and some tours saw some different areas and citys. I guess one really could travel a whole life without ever leaving US, if one wanted to. Big country, big band, great symbiosis. (Another, long gone and obsolete discussion now, but this distance, traveled miles issue and so on, is also why I always found the old argument daft, that us Europeans were sometimes met with, that they stopped touring Europe after 1992 because they didn't care for traveling too much, wanted to be closer to their familes and such... To me it seemed that they did travel as much anyway, rushing around US each and every year, and if anything, the travel between venues would have been s-h-o-r-t-e-r in Europe, a lot of the times. Actually easier, especially in the days they traveled by bus. A UK tour would be logistically easier than a California tour, in terms of distance. Still, I suppose, they were closer to their CA families in Chicago, Boston or New York than they would have been in Paris or London. I just never understood what that type of closeness amounted to, really... Anyway, none of this matters anymore, just interesting to ponder, and it did mean a lot to a lot of people once. 2012 was a great come-back of sorts. But by then I already lived many years of life in CA, among other things to be able to see TPATH play live.)   

ABBA.. hm.. who is ABBA? Just kidding. Let me write something about ABBA. (Something I don't do every day, let me tell you.. haha) Australia probably was and is their biggest and bravest fanbase, for sure. But they were hardly first, considering that ABBA was actually singing in Swedish at first, having several huge hits back home early on, not to mention the lot of them had separate solo careers and other groups, going back all the way to the 60s. That the Aussies "discovered" them early on, though is true and something probably connected to the fact that Australia also have this queer love the quite dorky European Song Contest  mega spectacle, that ABBA actually won in 1974, which may be said to costitute their big break. (These days Australia is even in the ESC at times, so I hear. European geography is apparantly not what it used to be, hu?!) Me, I'm still trying to figure out who is Bjorn and who is Benny...


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