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Old & new interviews with Tom & the Heartbreakers

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So, well, here's an article written as an obituary in 2017, but the flip side of the coin is the author did interview Tom Petty on Easter Monday 2006 & maybe some other times too. It includes direct quotes & conversations, so I feel it's pretty much an interview too. See what you think. 


There was something endearing in Petty’s humility. He always took great pains to show his humanity, confiding that he couldn’t fall asleep without the TV on, that the only thing that could ever really calm him down was a walk along the Pacific Ocean, or that he really would love to fish again – all things that would soothe his forever‑restless spirit.

While seemingly affable, he was a little more complicated than that. For one, he didn’t suffer fools gladly. I once had the temerity to ask if his current album were a colour, what it would be. He narrowed his icy blue eyes and said more than a little impatiently. “I don’t think it’d be one. It’d be a whole bunch of colours. Each song is a different colour and different shades. There would be a lot of silver in it though.”

I should have left it there. I didn't. "Because it's sleek and it's a vehicle?" 

"Maybe. I don't know. Now my bullshit meter is going really high," he said flatly, a clear indicator that it was time to back off.

But to his great credit, he never claimed to be perfect. "What bugs me? Waiting on people drives me insane. I didn't [just] write that song. I am very punctual," he laughed. 

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