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Grilling or Griddles?

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Most of us have BBQ grills and small electric griddles. But I've always wanted a nice flat top griddle like they have in diners and pubs. But installing a natural gas griddle in in my kitchen would require a major remodeling that would cost thousands and probably would even require a fire extinguisher system. But, today there are other alternatives including the Blackstone propane griddles you see on TV, but they are for outdoor use only. Since my Weber gas grill is in good shape I have no use for the Blackstone at this time, so I looked for another option. I found stainless steel griddles that you simply put on your grill grates, preheat on medium for 5-10 minutes and cook. Steaks, burgers, dogs, stir fry, bacon, eggs, pancakes, pizza and more. The company is called "Little Griddles" and they have different sizes for all grills, even round charcoal grills. The best prices I found are at the company web site, so I ordered the 18" X 13" because you need at least an inch on all sides for air flow. The big one 16" X 24" left no room for air flow. They even have one 14" X 16" for 1/2 the grill so you can grill and griddle at the same time. BTW, use an oil with a high flashpoint!

GRIDDLE SITE - https://www.littlegriddle.com/collections/outdoor-bbq-griddles

MY GRIDDLE - https://www.littlegriddle.com/collections/outdoor-bbq-griddles/products/sq-180-sizzle-q-stainless-steel-bbq-griddle

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