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Best Tom Petty & THB Tab.

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Hey all,

I don't know how much info to give on myself, as I wouldn't want to bore the audience here. However, I've been playing guitar since I was 13, my father could play a song after hearing it once, I, however, can not.

That being said, I never learned to read music for guitar (only viola) so who here knows the best site to get Tom Petty songs tablature? Hey if you even have your own I'd love it. There are a few songs I got lucky with and can play by ear or just by watching Tom play it (I ain't no lead guitarist) but I would really love some help as some sites translate for piano and it sounds/looks rotten.

Thank you much,

Magnolia :wub:

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You guys rock! (haha) Nurktwin, you've been so much help every darn question I have had.

Thank you for the info, I'm going to look through these and see how they sound, sometimes you gotta tune up a key. 

Good thing I don't want every song, be in the studio for the entire weekend and I gotta move. :P

Keep postin' anyone who wants ta.

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