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Question of the day 3/16/18

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Well, it's Saturday now. I ran to the store this morning. I had a green Paddy's Day cupcake (ok, like 3, but they weren't very big!)... anyway, my grandma (who was more like my mother) was born on March 17th in 1930. She's been gone just over two years. I miss her everyday! 
Also, I had a craving for honey roasted peanuts which I probably haven't eaten in a decade, so those were good. 
I'll probably just snack around for dinner. I bought some Balsamic/Basil Triscut(sp?) and they're really good. Cheese, olives/peppers, etc stuff like that. 

I haven't made many "meals" for a while. I haven't felt like cooking in a long time, and since I had food poisoning about a month ago, I've just not been as passionate about food as I normally am... LOL. 
Yesterday, I was so tired. All I ate for the whole day was a little Naan bread made into a baby-pizza (yum!)

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