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Ron Blair / Guitar & Vocals

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Great stuff.  I especially like Ron's take on Down South, really fabulous.  I'd have liked it even more if Ron had sung it himself the entire way through.  His music partner (Edwards) has a fine voice, but Ron's is much better for Down South, he puts great feeling into it.  Thanks for posting this Shelter; I was unaware of this version when I put Down South as my lead-off track in an imagined, revised HC sequencing.  Ron's version makes me realize even more what a great song that is, and connects so well with HC as an album.   I'm glad that Ron was able to play this song with TP live (great version on Live Anthology).      

Ron has a kind of "country" vibe going in these songs.  It's interesting the both Ron and Stan have gotten involved in what I would consider country music, after the Heartbreakers.  Ironic that they were the two additions as the country-ish Mudcrutch evolved into the more rock-and-roll TPATH.   

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1 hour ago, Shelter said:


This belongs here too... (this video poster looks familiar, hu.. :))


here is another one from the same guy.  He seems to have really good taste in music. ;)  Sadly he missed the first few seconds on this one...


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