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Steve Ferrone: Six or seven albums to come

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23 minutes ago, TwoGunslingers said:

OK, I'll boil down my preferences for so-called rereleases or deluxe box sets or whatever as follows:


It can be done, and it can be done well, and for sets such as these I am very willing to spend some money.

Ok, then. Let's drop those other angles. Let's just agree that what is interesting is a subjective matter and what is unreleased/new is an objective matter. And, moreover, let's just say that I definately agree with the general outlook of what you just cooked. It certainly can be done and it even should be done. As a "tribute", anniversary or otherwise, to an album, such well made boxes are fantastic. Agreed. Presented the way you suggest* they are more like ultimate versions, actually replacing the original for most fans, than just another reissue designed to make you buy another copy and then another. That said, I still can't quite praise the concept of repitition over focusing on new things.

And as far as your original example goes, I would really dig the idea of having ITGWO reissued with a bonus disc of rarities and some documentary material and a TTH live dvd. But! If I got to choose, I would much rather have a live DVD of something else 91/92, or a fresh made/edited film in the 400 Days vein. If any such was even possible, that is. Anything to get as much "news" in there as possible. I guess, by now, you catch my drift.. :) 

I totally agree that DTT Deluxe was a rather weak attempt at being generous with what's in the vaults. The bonus tracks are too few, too randomly selected and scattered. They are all very good and interesting though, mind you. So, not at all being a man of my words, I would recommend you to buy it! At least until the real, ultimate archival DTT release comes along and stomp all competition flat. Keeping with your above definition as a very minum (in terms of content and amount) I would love to see such archival boxes made for most of the albums, perhaps especially of interest for me personally, would be Hard Promises and Long After Dark.

But, just to return to "those other angles" a bit after all, I would, again, however... here it comes... also be more than fine with an extensive archive box, documenting sessions, heavy with liner notes, that compiles and focus on unreleased/outtakes/demos/b-sides from the "Backstreet Years" for example, and perhaps another one detailing the "Jeff Lynne Years" (Ok, it just can't be called that...) and so on.

Finally, tying this back to topic a bit, I think it's great that there are so much live stuff on the shelf. I can picture a Live Archives type series as well, sure why not. From what Steve talks about, I'd say that the San Francisco run from 1997 is the most interesting to ponder, by far. Since the fantastic 2003 live stint of Chicago is already covered (on DVD, but still) I think an extensive release from the Fonda/Beacon from a few years ago would be the most interesting of the rest. (The Kiss My Amps Vol 2 really speaks of the wonder of those shows.) A stuffed full double LP from there and then, focusing (as always) on the less obvious tracks, that hasn't already been issued a dozen times or more, would be fantastic. In fact, I much rather take a limited RSD type release of that, that goes all in on the rare, than a widely issued money sucking greatest hits live type of album. (Or, what would be even worse - if the most likely thing to actually happen - a live album that chronicles the same old main set and squeeze in two or three odd ones for flavor and attraction. I would so hate that.) I wouldn't say that a live album from what was to became the last tour would be of any interest to me either. At least not in comparison to every other possible release. It's not that many interesting versions to cover, after all, and despite its historical value and the context - or precisely because of that (me finding the tour pointless and all) - I wouldn't listen to it much. In general, at this point (save for perhaps said Beacon/Fonda concept mentioned) I'd say that I have a lot less interest in a contemporary live album, than I do in all the shelved and boxed studio and demo material hidden somewhere. That is the real gold mine as far as I see it, sorry Steve. So, being it on pimped album reissues or on rarity boxes, I really hope a lot of that material will see the light of day before the ultimate sundown. There still is a slim chance that the "All The Rest" album, that's been discussed for so many years now, is actually gonna be released at some point. So, let's not get greedy. Let's start with that. As for all the rest? Well, there is always much much later. :D




*And I realize that's what you perhaps been doing all along :). I just that I felt the urge to dwell on some minor conceptual details, since this reissue business these days reaches levels of lethal stupidity at times.

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1 hour ago, vincanity23 said:

Has anyone found a place to download/buy the Mudcrutch Live 2016? I can't find it anywhere, been looking for months. Wish I could just buy the Highway Companion membership and be done with it

Not what you're asking for but good on its own...


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