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Coroner's Report/Petty Family Update

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10 hours ago, RedfordCowboy said:

 He lived a long, full life in that respect. He died doing what he loved, and managed to go out on top, at the end of a big celebratory tour. So, maybe it was all meant to be this way. However, it still doesn’t hurt any less now that he’s gone.

Eloquently expressed RedfordCowboy, I may as well have quoted your entire post because its heartfelt quality. Haven't listened to your podcast yet but checked out the page, nice bit about making eye contact with Tom and feeling the music without using your phone.


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YES, Redford Cowboy. You put into words what we all have been feeling. I never was in any position close to what Tom might have been in, the should I, shouldn't I? He had so much on his shoulders, a huge corporation to keep rolling with tons of people on payroll. I just wish he was around to slow down and enjoy his fruits. I listen to his radio show on Sirrus and he is such a great disk jockey, he was there!, he did it, He was the MAN!! So much to learn from him. Every time he would play something obscure, I was like "Yeah!! I love that song too!" I felt like we had exactly the same taste in music, yeah, I know we all felt that way..... Nothing left to say, I suppose. I love Bob Segar and happy to hear that he cancelled the shows for his health. 

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