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Religious imagery and messaging in Tom Petty song writing

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This has been at the back of my mind for a while as a subject to explore / discuss. I suppose Toms passing has brought it to the forefront of my mind now but it's been there  for a few years. When I say religious imagery I mean more than spiritual imagery or hippie mindset type spirituality after smoking a few joints...though nothing wrong with that if it's your thing! ☺

Angel Dream...Hungry No More...Lost Children...I Forgive it All...four songs that immediately spring to mind. I also recall Tom wearing a cross on his back on a waistcoat jacket at a number of Mudcrutch 2016 tour shows..I could be wrong but i took it symbolically at the time..maybe Tom was contemplating spiritual / religious themes as many do when we get older...exploring oe reconciling with God or putting Gods message out there through song. This type of theme seemed to become more prominent particularly in the later song writing. I don't know if Tom was a believer in a God..a Christian god or any other faith based religion or not..many song writers do explore this type of subject matter from time to time as a theme...I think it may be more embedded and long term in Toms song writing though and I'm trying not to be clouded by Toms passing in coming to that conclusion.  Anyone else feel similarly on this? 

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