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Don’t Come Around...on Sirius ID help

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Hi All, I’m trying out the Sirius App and they play this hot live version of Don’t Come Around Here No More with women back-up singers, but the title is cut off and I can’t figure out what it’s from. Can someone help me out? 

I’m pretty sure there’s more than one woman, so maybe not a show with Stevie but I’ve been wrong before. 

Thanks, Warren

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This is a simple website, but I use it whenever I forget to Shazam a cool song I hear on Sirius. Note the Channel Names are a little oudated - Channel 31, still says Coffeehouse - not TP Radio - but it still works.


Go to the left-hand column and go to "Search Sirus Playlist" - you can search by artist or search what was playing on a channel at a specific time.


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