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Honouring TP..renaming the Gainesville Airport Campaign

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Hello.. I am posting this link herein in the hope we can get this thing off the ground..Tom Petty  surely earned his wings and he's definitely (sadly for us ).. learned to fly.. I am trying to get this campaign to go viral..  I have posted many times on the Tom Petty nation and Mudcrutch face book pages..alas it only has 286 signatures.. TPN Facebook has followers in the tens of thousands .. am at wits end trying to figure out how we can storm this thing and get it up to a respectable amount.. I have posted messages to my local radio stations, even the Tedeski trucks page, as well  ..can you guys help.. please read it, sign it sand SHARE everywhere..out of respect to TPN admins though pls don't re post there  right now I don't want to overkill them there and more importantly pls don't post it to the Heartbreakers who are still no doubt mourning this awful loss..please don't post it on their page .. I want to leave them alone for now.. they know we all care and are thinking of them.. this petition should be fan driven at the moment..thank you all so much!   <3 and light to all ..Petty ON!


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I just realised I sounded kinda harsh about where to post.. I just felt like maybe it's too soon to post on Heartbreaker pages ..however it's really up to you guys where you want to take/post the petition this.. except that Tom Petty Nation facebook page I have posted it there already .. a lot!  Hah

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