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Radio Tributes to Tom

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It's been a month now since his passing and I was wondering if anyone's local radio stations have done any tributes to Tom. Around these parts, Exit 97.7 (WEXT, an NPR affiliate) was the only station around here to really do something and do a pretty significant tribute. For a week they played an album in full starting at 6 P.M. They played: Damn the Torpedoes, Full Moon Fever, Wildflowers, The Last DJ, Southern Accents, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Traveling Wilburys Volume 1 and Hypnotic Eye. After that, they did  a Tom Petty 50 and played 50 of his songs in a row. That playlist looks like this:

It'll All Work Out
I Should Have Known It
The Best of Everything
A Higher Place
Crystal River
Waiting For Tonight
Peace in L.A.
Yer So Bad
Square One
Last Night
Casa Dega
Love Is A Long Road
Shadow of a Doubt (A Complex Kid) (Live)
Tweeter and the Monkey Man
Free Girl Now
Hometown Blues
Lonesome Sundown
American Dream Plan B
The Wild One, Forever
Straight into Darkness
Scare Easy
Jammin' Me
You Wreck Me
You Got Lucky
Learning to Fly
Change of Heart
You Don't Know How It Feels
Even the Losers
Southern Accents
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Here Comes My Girl
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
Walls (Circus)
Don't Do Me Like That
Into the Great Wide Open
I Need to Know
I Won't Back Down
Room at the Top
The Waiting
Runnin' Down A Dream
Listen to Her Heart
Free Fallin'
Don't Come Around Here No More
American Girl

Was a really good job. I was wondering if anybody else's local radio station had done something similar or some form of tribute to the man

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Btw, that live version of SOAD was from one of the Bridge School Benefits! That was really neat.

I kinda of gave em' hell on their Facebook page because when they first announced they were going to do a tribute to Tom, it seemed like they were only going to do maybe one album. I told them they could do better than that because they constantly do huge marathons and tributes to several different artists for their drives to raise money for the station (again it's a public funded station). One money drive they did was they did a tribute to the Band and played every song from their catalog. Another time they did the top 100 Neil Young songs etc. You get the idea. So I mentioned how a station that takes pride in playing the roots of rock, Americana, folk, alt country should do a bigger tribute to one of rock's most underrated artists who loved radio and got black listed because of it. They didn't disappoint lol.

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