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Question of the day 10/11/17

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I have a TC Electronics "Polytune" on my board.  I had a Korg on my board for years until it quit on me, and I researched it a little before grabbing the Polytune.  I guess it's OK, but I sometimes scratch my head.

If I was buying now, I'd give serious consideration to....


Here's an excellent stompbox tuner that lets you take the precision and flexibility of strobe-style tuning onstage in a way that's comfortable and familiar. Based on the look and basic operation of the famous ST-11 tuner, the Peterson Stomp Classic is more than just an ordinary stompbox tuner. The Stomp Classic gives you absolute control over your tuning, offering 0.1-cent accuracy, and including support for 7-string guitars, electric violin and mandolin-family instruments, and more. Select, organize, and store your tuning presets on your Mac or PC for instant recall when you prefer. Select from even-tempered scales or "Sweetened" Tunings for a variety of instruments. True-bypass ensures that your Stomp Classic won't affect your tone when not engaged. A mutable active DI output makes the Stomp Classic perfect for recording, but its rugged design, pedalboard mounting lugs, and ultra-bright display also make it invaluable onstage.

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