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New reviews of WF, FMF, Self-Titled and DTT by review site Pitchfork

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Pitchfork is an online music review site, first time they are reviewing TPATH.

"One week ago, Tom Petty died at the age of 66. At Pitchfork, we’ve broken down some of his most essential songs and considered his role in the American rock canon. Tomorrow, we are remembering Tom Petty with reviews of four key albums from his vast catalog."









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Pitchfork, and not just because these reviews of these albums are disagreeable and wrong, is a cesspool of hipster bullshit. I'm not the biggest fan of FMF but rating an album 8.1 is pretentious as fuck and they probably would have given the album a 7.1 if the man was still alive. Just read some of their other reviews of highly regarded bands and albums, it's nonsense. They gave the Kinks Preservation Act 1 a near 10, something, most people with a sane mind would never do lol.

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