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I Feel Like A Forgotten Song

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14 hours ago, Lifeshouldbesung said:

Here are some songs I like a lot that I don't think of as the most often mentioned:

First and foremost...

American Girl

... Nah, just kidding...


Down South

Big Weekend

Self-made Man


This One's For Me

Can't Stop the Sun


Down South and Self-Made Man would be on my list, too.

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15 minutes ago, nobodyinparticular said:

It was played once during the 1997 residency at the Fillmore, although I couldn't tell you the exact date. 

 They also played Asshole. And at some show they played Zero From Outer Space. If they ever do a Live Anthology 2, it'd be nice if they shared these deep cuts that were only played a few times if at all. Like All Or Nothin'.

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On 10/7/2017 at 3:33 PM, jawallac said:

Oh, "Straight Into Darkness" is one of my favorites. It just nails that feeling of "I don't know if this will work out, but I'm gonna do it anyway," then mashes it with a tinge of regret/sadness for what has happened. They played the song during the opening set of the 2008 (?) tour in Grand Rapids and I about screamed my lungs out! B)

Mine too.  I don't remember the song getting much airplay when the album came out, but it got enough for me to run out and buy the album back then.  Straight Into Darkness is one of many Tom songs that bring tears to my eyes. It may very well be my favorite one too.

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