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Tributes and covers from peers and writers

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Maybe we can collect the outpouring of tributes here. There have been so many over the past few days, several are very eloquent and worth reading.

To start, here's one from his peer
Peter Wolf Describes the Magic of Tom Petty's Final Tour

And one from a writer
Tom Petty Was Perhaps Rock’s Greatest Writer of First Lines

There are several more great ones to add.

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20 minutes ago, Shelter said:

oh.. shit.. another really good one:



I was actually coming to post this. This is especially meaningful and touching to me, as Wilco is, next to TPATH, my second favorite band of all time. I have seen them 20+ times, and am just as obsessive with them as I am with TP and co. I have met members of Wilco in the audience at TPATH concerts... twice. So to see this bittersweet intersection of my two favorite bands is, like everything else this week, surreal.

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For a moment there, Mary Soracco worried her “Tom Petty Memorial Vampire Walk” might get shut down due to the growing number of participants.

But it’s officially a go.

More than 200 people and counting plan to commemorate the memory of Petty with the “Free Fallin'” sing-a-long walk from 7 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 19, and another 1,000-plus are expressing interest.

RELATEDThe 10 Tom Petty songs you should download now

The event kicks off on the steps in front of the Sherman Oaks Galleria (corner of Sepulveda and Ventura boulelvards) before moving west on Ventura Boulevard and then circling back again.

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