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Question of the day 9/12/17

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OK, I'll go 1st. 1 of my best friends and I used to hit a lot of bars on a regular basis!!! 1 of our friends worked at local bar and found out that another bar nearby was for sale and he bought it and called it "BUD"S". We used to get there at 11am when they opened and have a beer and then ordered wings for the 2nd beer. They made wings ANY way you could think to order. We always ordered their GARLIC wings, they were the best in the world!! Crispy and loaded with garlic. Needless to say, after an order of wings, NO one would even sit close to us!! Til this day, the WD still talks about how she couldn't even come in the house for 3 days after my garlic wing binges. Since then, my friend died about 5 years ago and the owner of the bar died at 38 years old shortly after that. I just talked to my friend from high school this morning that I haven't seen in many years and he asked me to meet him and about 10 others from school for breakfast tomorrow morning. I said ok, where? He asked me if I knew where a place called Buddy's was! I said sure, I spent many hours there, but wasn't sure if it was even open these days. I don't know who owns it now and if they still have wings, but I'll find out. Who knows, I might know the new owner! Other than that, I've always enjoyed the wings at Beef O'Brady's with Marion and Pete. We went everytime I visited them and it was always great. Thanks Marion and Pete, I owe you a dinner when I get back to Florida.

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