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My Last Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Show

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Since this is the 40th anniversary and pretty much their last big tour, here's what I thought of the last time I saw them.

I knew it would be the final show because they  longer satisfied what I seek out from a live concerts; just predicting to my friend that You Don't Know How it Feels was going to be the second song pretty much said it all. Having Pearl Jam open for them showed the difference, they varied each night as the opening band.

I'd seen TPATH too many times in '06 and realized how static the concerts were. Best to view it as the last time, and enjoy it for what it was worth on June 30th in Milwaukee,  That's what I did.

The musicianship was of course, superb, when is it not? 

High points were the jam in It's Good To Be King (I was glad to hear this and especially Melinda a few nights before---that could very well be the high point of the '06 tour for me, Benmont's soloing just incredible!) and of course, having Eddie Vedder sing along during The Waiting and American Girl.

I've no memory of them playing Handle With Care, which is odd as I liked that Wilburys song. Despite it's fast energy I was already tired of Oh Well and didn't understand why he played it.

 I liked Saving Grace despite it sounding too much like a  Bo Diddley rip-off and it was good to hear Honey Bee again.

 I think I even liked Mystic Eyes, as well. 

Stepping away form the music, I still have my TPATH 30th anniversary sweatshirt, black with hood, the zipper a bit messed up but still working. Usually worn to the gym when it's cold outside. 

When the last notes of American Girl rung out I realized that was it for me seeing TPATH live and felt good about it. The band played with good energy, threw in some jams, had two guest spots with Eddie Vedder; and while not as good as past shows I'd seen, a fine one to call my last.

Since then I realized I made the right call, audience recordings, official live albums, online videos more than satisfy any desire for live TPATH.




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