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Hot Peppers

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Pretty and yum! I love to see home canned garden stuff in jars. I always think it's so pretty. LOL
I have a garden (weedy) this year with a bunch of Honey Baby Butternut Squash (trying out for flavor since I use them mostly for pseudo pumpkin pies), Poblano Peppers (These I usually broil, take the skins off, and then freeze and use for fajitas. Some I use fresh for stuffing them), and then a bunch of Tomatoes! I started all of these from seed back in March-ish sometime. I did a packet of Heirloom Mix (fun surprises!) and a packet of Brandywine. I also have a few volunteer tomatoes from last year I let grow. I'm not sure what they are yet, except some of them will be cherry tomatoes!
I think I have around 16 tomato plants (that aren't volunteers), 8 Poblano plants, and maybe like a dozen Honey Baby Butternut Squash?
Not sure. I need to get out there and check I'm in Ohio and I'm just now getting some tomatoes from my garden... but there are tons of green ones. We're about to be flooded. I might have to get my Dad to can some or something. LOL.

I love gardening but don't have the energy or strength.

Thanks for sharing your pictures with us! I'm not completely full of Tom Petty... I do love other things, too. Sort of. :P:D

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