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^ Actually 14 songs may be a bit long for release, so if they ponder to put something out, perhaps they'd need to cut track 1 and 4.


Seriously though. We've been lucky enough to see quite a lot of live releases in the latter stages of our favorite band's, not least thanks to HCC and RSD. Some of which outings, perhaps most notably the Kiss My Amps collections , been great in that they've seemed to deliberately aim at avoiding rehashing what's been released a lot before (KMA1 with a main Mojo focus and KMA2 somewhat cover heavy with some not too frequently published originals). I don't see how they would be able to make a live release out of this tour that won't feel utterly pointless.

In the last 20 years, we've had at least three or four live versions released, of most of the songs they play this year. Some of them we've even had five or more versions of.* Of course, there are three songs from Mojo and two from Hypnotic Eye that has been played this year (at least once), that haven't been released that many times in the past, but save for Rockin' Around With You and You Got Lucky, there is nothing, zip, of interest from history, in that sense.

Again, uniqueness is perhaps not what's expected from a 40th anniversary tour, but since the approach is so close to what's been done so many times already, or even narrowed down in terms of scope, the problem when it comes to culling a bundle of live songs from this tour, is that what they now play is basically the same stuff that has been most frequently released and celebrated already.  There are many other hits and cataloge songs that would be worth "celebrating", that would be of interest on an imaginable live release. In fact, it's been a while since most songs they DON'T play saw inclusion on a live release. I can think of just one that has been generesously included, and that is Breakdown. A Woman in Love has been on a few release and there might be one or two more obvious ones that perhaps may have been included once or twice (which still is not that much over a 20 years span). But that's it. The rest would have been up for grabs, for a fresh yet archival/celbrating bundle. Instead, chanses are that we would get big parts of the same core released once again - with a best case scenario of three or four songs that has not been worn out on numerous releases. Perhaps they are not planning a release from this years tour, but if they do, they better hurry up and treat themselves to some useful alternatives to pick from. Time is running out. All I know is that yet another release packed with the likes of You Wreck Me, Mary Jane, Refugee, You Don't Know How It Feels, I Won't Back Down, Running Down a Dream and American Girl is more than likely to be a no buy for me. Even if such, ironically, would underline and define what this band long since has become all about, in terms of performing live. It would perhaps be the most fair and honest thing. 

This may all seem overly hypothetical at this point, but since it is the big anniversary tour and since they do have the extra feat. of the Webb Sisters and all, I'd say, at least on paper, that some sort of official document normally would be a a no brainer.  



*Now, this is no exact science... I might have missed some, shall broadcasts and official concert films be included, and so on - I try to make a conservative estimate here, trying to think what's been included for release since Storytellers, High Grass Dogs and onwards..


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