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Individual album reissues

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"Six individual albums from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Warner Bros Records catalog are now available again as stand-alone vinyl titles. She's The One, Echo, The Last DJ and Highway Companion have been re-mastered from the original tapes for this release while Mojo and Hypnotic Eye have been re-pressed from the original masters.

The classic Warner Bros Records album Wildflowers will be reissued at a later date and individual titles from the band's Universal Music catalog will be released this summer!"


If anyone is interested in these, they're also available on Amazon. I can't believe there is still no release date for Wildflowers.


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Great! I had a feeling this would be the case. Could be the best and last chance to fill any gap in the vinyl shelf!  

As for Wilflowers.. yeah.. Since "All The Rest", is supposed to be about the "rest" - if it ever comes out that is - what would be the harm in including the original WF album, like they obviously did in the box set? Unless the are planning a various level release, some of which versions are gonna include the original album, and hence they don't wanna ruin their chance to sell the record twice to some people. (Why, I may ask, would they even stop to think like that? They have been glad to seel stuff twice in the past, or even three or four times even). Either way.. It is a little odd that it's not included. But perhaps.. we should be glad, if actually it means a WF party of sorts is to be expected later on.

As for Universal - like I said elsewere, those titles are not even remotely needed reissued. The market is still swamped with great condition used or unsold original copies that sounds great. The first two albums may have been in need of some cleaning up, but that was made a few years back - on colored vinyl, moreover - so... yeah.. A chance to buy your fourth or fith copy of You're Gonna Get It. Great!!! Anyhow. It's the 90s-00s album that was so limited in this format from the start, that really deserves this reissue series, so it's most welcome.

And I like to add - this being Record Store Day and all - that everyone that do have a local record store or a smaller and/or indiependent online store at hand, even just ordering from discogs.com or whatever, please do so - buy locally or from small real stores - instead of putting your business with Amazon. Sometimes it's the last resort, I know, but unless it's really dire, think of the iminent future when perhaps Amazon is all we have to choose from... Freedom is funny that way... The "fake freedom" they try to sell us to get us all in shackles an chains.

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