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New Highway Companions Sign-Up - My guess for RSD 2016 Vinyl

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    • By JRiley
      Does anyone know of any good Yer So Bad bootlegs out there? Recently heard a pretty awesome version on XM31 from Chicago 2003 show and have been on the hunt for other good ones.
    • By MaryJanes2ndLastDance
      I think I've heard it once or twice about Tom using some singing device to stay in tune in concert. I really have no clue about this and was surprised if it's true.
      So I guess that's what I'm asking. Does anyone know if this is true. I'd be surprised if it is, considering I think Tom's voice has aged nicely, in fact, I prefer it more in the latter half of his career than the early years where he sounded very much influenced by Bob Dylan.
      My point is: Has Tom used a device on stage to help sing and how do you know that?
    • By helenreddymades
      I found two ads for Mudcrutch gigs from page 18 of the Naples Daily News Fri 22 Sept. 1972 & page 18 Williamsport Sun Gazette (PA) Fri. 23 Apr. 1971.  Anybody know any more about these tours?

    • By Hon3ybee
      Hey guys! This will be my first time seeing tom petty and mudcrutch EVER. Ive been a fan all my life. 
      Anyone down to grab some drinks before waiting in the line at Humphreys?
    • By SingsInFrench
      Last night's setlist from Ratcub on the Officials:
      Mudcrutch Midnight Mission CSUN
      Shady Grove
      Orphan Of The Storm
      Six Days On The Road
      Scare Easy
      A Good Street
      Lover Of The Bayou
      Beautiful World
      Save Your Water
      Hungry No More
      I Forgive It All
      House Of Stone
      Other Side OF The Mountain
      Welcome To Hell
      Dreams Of Flying
      Crystal River
      Victim Of Circumstance
      Wrong Thing To Do
      Bootleg Flyer
      Rockin' at the High School Hop
      High School Confidential