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17 hours ago, Babydoll said:

I love the tradition and the poster(s), but couldn't help but think "what if there was a fire"? I would have died happy!!!! What a show?! I think the Crystal River Encore from last night leave last tour's Crystal River in the dust!! That was EPIC!!!!! I'm soooooo happy!!

I don't worry too much about a fire at the Fillmore (excluding the performances, because Mudcrutch WAS on fire!).

They're are two additional exits on the west side of the building with stair cases leading down, plus an elevator/lift that they use to load-in/out the equipment that people could use. 

And, yes, it was an INCREDIBLE show on Sunday. And, if you can believe it, Monday's show was even more stellar! 

'Crystal River' was for sure awesome both nights as the closer, but I feel that 'The Other Side of the Mountain' has taken over as the favorite jam-out song, for band and audience.

When Tom Leadon introduces his song, he's so happy and proud to describe it as "the first psychedelic bluegrass song"!

And, with Herb Pedersen propelling the whole thing with his incredible banjo playing it's hard to disagree!

And man, it SMOKED last night!

Afterward, when the wild applause, whistles and howls died down, Petty laughingly said "Well, if you can't jam at the Fillmore, where can you jam?"



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