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Mudcrutch 2 Reviews

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Don´t think this guy´s been covered... He is.. well.. he is.. this guy. (Perhaps he´s one of you!) Apart from a general love of the album and from reasonably finding the back of the album sleeve to be boring, I frankly haven´t got the slightest idea what he talks about. For all I know he might be in with the ones thinking the world is flat, up is down and down is up. He would keep a random list of randomly picked stuff to support his theory, or at least to help visualize it. But as long as he´s happy, I´m happy. Peter Gabriel, though..? Genesis? I´m confused. Kinda fun to listen to this gibberish, gotta love the passion.. Although 20+ minutes of it is a stretch... Oh, here I am reviewing the review.. never mind me..



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