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City Winery 6-11-15- Review with videos

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The City Winery was a nice place for a show but the vibe may have been a little too uptight for a Dirty Knobs gig.  Before the show we were instructed to stay in our seats and listen, just basically to be quiet for the show.  So, when the Knobs hit the stage everyone stayed seated and quiet!  Still it was a good show.  It was just a little strange to stay seated but the fans did enjoy it.  They were on their feet by the encore. 


I will share Ames' photo from the back of the room so you can see what it was like.




Toward the end of the show there was a lady next to me dancing like crazy and she asked Mike if she could come up on stage and dance for them.  I was surprised when he gave her the nod to come on up.  She was actually pretty entertaining.  I know I couldn't have pulled that off!  haha!  She was a nice lady and she really did enjoy the band.  She just kind of wore out her welcome after a while and they had to ask her to get down.  She was so funny.  She had on shiny sequined short shorts and high heels.


This is another of Ames' photos and you can see the lady dancing.  I think Mike had enough once she grabbed him to tell him something.





The music was really excellent and the guys did well with the sit down crowd.  That must feel so weird to them!  When we were leaving the guys were all out front and stopped to chat with us.  I haven't been out there in so long (3 years) I think it took Mike a few minutes to figure out who I was!  It sure was good to see them though.  I love this band so much.  I wish I could go to all of the shows.


I didn't take many photos but here is one of mine.




Here are a few videos. 


This is Don't Think Twice and it's really pretty.  I love Ape!  He did such a great job with this song.




And Swampfox! Yer Blues



I know I posted these songs from Sweetwater in the other thread but every show is different and I enjoyed watching these versions of Sister Gypsy and Goin' Down too. 











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Isn't it just beautiful?! I have played that one so many times. 


If anyone is interested I have made MP3's of all of the videos and they really do sound wonderful cranked up in the car.  If you would like the link, drop me a PM.

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