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Covers of Tom Petty songs

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another one that is quite beautiful.. at least some people should be VERY proud of what they put on youtube..



and actually the tube is rather full of solo girl versions of this particular title, for some reason... quite a few of them really good too!! take a look at the usual place...

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47 minutes ago, Wildflower said:

Gyllene Tider with the swedisch version of I need to know . It´s one of my favotites. I like Per Gessles singing voice:)


Yeah.. pretty fun oldie, that!

This been up before back in the days, so I may have commented on it in the past, but as a swede I know for a fact that Per is a HUGE Petty fan. Per's singing voice/style may actually be more "inspired" by a certain swedish 70s musician than by anything else, but his music and taste in sounds and instruments have often been namechecked as (among other classic pop references) being directly inspired by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, he often sported Ricks on stage on his world tours, and so on.  After the news of Tom's passing Per wrote on twitter: "The best of them all is gone. So sad." I am sure it was a dream of his - and at least during his heyday of Roxette fame, perhaps not totally unrealistic one at that - to play with Tom. I don't know if they ever met, and I am not much of a fan of Per's myself, but I would admit seeing them together on stage would have been fun. 

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