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Danny Mac

Stan speaking in G-ville 3/12

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Great, thanks! Makes me wish it was a full transcript though, very fragmentaric write up. Bet it was interesting!

I'll write up my notes later today.. (got tournament hoops going this afternoon) .. but it won't be

in transcript form... not sure if it will be much better..  just some other observations from a fan..

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Yes the event was a good one..The article mentioned a lot of things that were discussed.  The event was held because they are having a display at the museum about "The Florida Blues".  They have a lot of posters, pictures and items on display throughout the

hall.  It is a small old house, it seems like.  I heard that in the 70's it was one of the halls that they would have teen dances at.  Mudcrutch and others played there.


    On our seats were 2 papers that had a list of all of Stan's music credits with Years, Song, Artist, Album.  It was good to look at while we waited for the event to start.  The room was full of some old timers, and people that knew Stan back in the 70's.  There were a couple of young ones in there too. 

   Jeff Sims, moderated the event.  He did a great job.  Jeff met Stan at Westwood Jr High School,  it is a Jr. HS here in town.  He said that he knew that he played drums and Jeff was playing guitar.  They started talking and got together at one of their parents house one afternoon after school.  Jeff said he remembered walking home and just saying "man, that guy was good" (at drumming).  He knew he would be famous one day after that.

   Then Jeff played some samples of some of the songs that Stan played on.  This was interesting because Stan was just sitting there listening, and giving some facial expressions while he heard them.  Some of them seemed like he was shocked to hear.  Like Wow, I did that.. It was really neat.  He had a really big reaction when he heard "Refugee" and some of the other hits.


   Stan left Gainesville to go to LA with no plan when he was 19.  His dad even encouraged him.  He said he better go now while he had the chance.  But he had no plan or other group of people that he went with.  He just figured he would figure it out when he got there.  While he was there he was playing in different bands, and eventually hooked up with Benmont, (you all know the rest of the story).

   They started to learn about many of the different sounds in the studio.  It was on the 3rd album, that he learned alot about recording. 

   He started writing and his first published song was by Herman Hermits, and the Pointer Sisters.  He met up with Denny Couchmeyer (spelling) who hooked him up with Don Henley.  With his songwriting, he liked it as a side job when he was in the band, because all bands have their ups and downs, and he wanted to make sure he had something else to fall back on.

   Don Henley told him if he wants to write good songs, then he has to read more books.  Don gave him a stack of books to read.  Funny.. He felt this time reinvented himself, because he was getting out of the band at the same time the Eagles were getting back together and Don asked him to write some songs.  "Learn to be Still" came out about this time by the Eagles. 

   They discussed the producers role in music and explained that a bit in depth.  He ended up moving to Nashville, which he liked better compared to LA because you didn't have to have a style, or persona like you did for the LA scene.  It was more laid back, which he liked.  He had a #1 hit with Tim Magraw with "Back WInd"..He talked alot about working with Henley.  He really didn't get into much about the Heartbreakers. 

   Stan likes to live the simple live and is not interested in being in big towns.  He feels his life is better this way. 

 Jeff and Stan discussed about how an artist can "lose" a song.  You would have something and just the little bit would change, or something would come up and Poof it was gone.

    One of his first gigs with Road Turkey was with Mudcrutch on the bill in Tampa.  They played 4 songs and the club owner fired them for the rest of the week.. (haha)

   They had a short question and answer session, but it was more of the locals that remembered him and asked him questions about what he remembered from here.  "Hey remember I sat next to you in class and asked if you wanted to be in the marching band with us" ?  Stuff like that.. haha.. Were you at the Farm Festivals, and thinking that he was in Mudcrutch.. He kindly answered them and was gracious about it. 

   He seems like he is really happy about what he does now and his proud of his career.  He said it is a great life and he has met some amazing people along the way.  If somebody calls him to do work with him, he does not Skyp.. He said he would rather get on a plane and talk to them face to face.  He likes the simpler way of doing things like it used to be before the internet and everything else. 

     They did a little meet and greet photo session, but there were too many people that knew him from the past and wanted to really talk to him.  I decided not to partake in that.  I met Stan about 10 years ago and got to have lunch with him and Jeff at my old restaurant, so I felt I got my time to talk with him back then.  My camera on my phone stinks (broken) so I did not take photos, but I also saw plenty of photos being taken, and knew I would find links online to share.  It was fun and it was a great experience. 


   (sorry about spelling and grammer).. :) ...Danny Mac

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^ Thank you kindly for sharing all that - much appreciated! Too bad not much focus was on his Heartbreaker days, put no wonder I suppose.. Surely interesting anyway and your write up provides more atmosphere to the event too, than did that Gville.com piece.

For those of you who perhaps missed it (you already knew about it I suppose, Danny) - this was recently posted in another thread, with lots of this and that, some photos and so on.. on Road Turkey, Mudcrutch and TP&TH, both Gaineville and early LA days. All from the memory of a fairly key participant, Marty Jourard. Follow sub-links and enjoy..


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