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Ideas for a potential Live Anthology Vol. 2

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Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum :)


I've been listening a lot to The Live Anthology from 2009 recently which in my opinion is a great collection of live recordings. However I've wondered what live tracks I would like to hear on a potential follow-up, if TP&TH ever decide to release one. So I created this list - what do you think? And which tracks would you like to see on a potential Live Anthology Vol 2?



Something Big

Rebels (not the acoustic version!)

It Ain't Nothin' To Me

Dogs On The Run (performed in 2014)

Runaway Trains

The Damage You've Done

It'll All Work Out

End Of The Line

Yer So Bad

Into The Great Wide Open

All Or Nothin'

Out In The Cold

Makin' Some Noise

Built To Last

You Don't Know How It Feels

Time To Move On (Bridge School Benefit 1994?)

You Wreck Me (from the mid-90s)

Honey Bee

Cabin Down Below

To Find A Friend


Room At The Top

Swingin' (!!!)

Free Girl Now

About To Give Out (if it was ever done live)

Two Men Talkin'

Black Leather Woman

Saving Grace

American Dream Plan B

Forgotten Man



Not Fade Away

Gloria (Filmore 1997)

The Letter

For What It's Worth

13 Days (Soundstage version oder Bridge School Benefit)

They Call Me The Breeze

You Really Got Me

Lay Down My Ole Guitar


Plus, I'm sure there are a lot more great covers in the archives which I have never even heard of... So far, this set wouldn't cotain any big hits, since most of them already were on the 2009 release. But I'm sure some of them could be included again in other versions, i.e. acoustic versions.


What do you think?

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Yes, welcome! And a great idea for a discussion.

Personally, I prefer full shows over anthology type mixes of material, when it comes to live recordings. Still I think the Live Anthology Vol 1 prooved to be a lot better than I expected when I first heard about it. And if there ever was a vol2, there would sure be many great moments to include and I think you suggest quite a few musts in terms of titles. ( And sure, why not include the hits again? If it's to be anything like seeing them live at least 85% of the the thing has to be the same stuff as last time :D !! )

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Here's a list I came up with off the top of my head. They're a few repeats with the Live Anthology, versions where the songs were extended for a longer period of time.




When the Time Comes

The Apartment Song
Zero from Outer Space
Mary Jane (long version)
Shadow People
American Dream Plan B
Fault Lines
All Or Nothing
Makin' Some Noise
Two Men Talking
Runaway Trains
Jamming Me (long version from the let me up tour)
American Girl (acoustic)
A Face in the Crowd (extended version)
Honey Bee
Supernatural Radio
How Many More Days
Casa Dega
Jericho Blues
Don't Pull Me Over
Don't Fade On Me
U Get Me High
A Mind With A Heart of Its Own
Saving Grace (jammed out version)
Heartbreakers Beach Party
Rhino Skin
One Story Town (with percussion solo)
Dog on the Run
Can't Stop the Sun
Fooled Again
Billy The Kid
Crawling Back To You
Black Leather Woman
Wildflowers (unless it's on the first which now I'm thinking it is, if so, scratch this)
Forgotten Man
The Waiting with Eddie Vedder
I Need To Know with Stevie Nicks
It Ain't Nothin' To Me
Climb that Hill
Two Gunslingers
Too Much  Ain't Enough (long version from the 02 tour)
What Are You Doing in My Life
Running Man's Bible
Come On Down to My House

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The best, of course, would be a complete live equivalent of all album tracks. Is that right? Plus, of course, cover versions. There are quite a few left off of the first Anthology. Thirteen Days, for example, if I remember correctly. That would be an important addition.

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I would like to see (assuming these are available live):

You Tell Me

We Stand A Chance

Finding Out

Spike (Repeat)

All You Can Carry

Out In The Cold


Suffice to say there is certainly plenty of material that would make up a great set to complement the first offering which IMHO was very well done.


Cheers ET

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