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Larry Walker

House of Stone chords

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          E                B7                                      E

That woman……….…..lives in a house of stone

                         E                                       B7

You better not cuss……..you better not roam

                        A7                                   E

She’ll put you out…….on your ass all alone

          E              B7                                      E

That woman…………..lives in a house of stone



E                              B7                                      E

Fair lady…………….……give a drunkard a chance

                E                                    B7

I got a brand new suit……..I got 2 pair of pants

                          A7                                     E

I’m easy on the eyes..……..and I love to dance

                                E      B7                                   E

I could dance right now…….if you give me the chance



-Mandolin solo-



E                                        B7                             E

I’m waiting for a man………….but he hasn’t shown

                             E                               B7

I’m on the corner freezin’…..…to my bones

                                A7                                             E

Give me one more week………I’ll make good that loan

              E                         B7                                   E

To that woman……………..…up in the house of stone



E                                           B7                                E

The deacons in her church……..say to leave me alone

                      E                                                       B7

They say my brain……………...is in the twilight zone

                            A7                                           E

And maybe I’ve sinned...………but I ain’t high-toned

                       E              B7                               E

I’m after that girl………………in that house of stone

                       E              B7                                    E

I’m after that girl………………in that house of stone

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Not sure why it changes the font size randomly.........






Scare Easy                


Am                G                   Em           D

My love's an ocean, you'd better not cross it
Am                  G                   Em              D

I've been the distance and I need some rest
Am               G                         Em                  D

Yeah I had somebody, wasn't there before I lost her
Am            G                  Em              D

I've been running like a man possessed

                      C       G         D

I don’t scare easy
           C       G                 D  
Don’t fall apart when I’m under the gun

                C             G               D
You can break my heart and I ain't gonna run
            Am                        D
I don't scare easy, for no one

Am              G               Em            D
Yeah I'm a loser at the top of my game
Am                   G                        Em        D

I should have known to keep an eye on you
Am        G                   Em           D
I got a scar that ain't never the same
Am        G                      Em              D
I got a dream that don't ever come true

          Chorus   +    Solo
Am              G              Em        D
Sun going down on a canyon wall
Am       G                   Em               D
I got a soul that ain’t never been blessed
Am              G                    Em              D
Yeah I'm a shadow at the back of the hall
Am               G              Em             D
Yeah I got a sin I ain't never confessed

          Chorus  2x

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Shady Grove                                                       capo 3


Dm                  C                      Dm

Shady Grove, my little love, Shady Grove I say
F                      C                                                   Dm  

Shady Grove, my little love, I'm bound to go away

Dm                            C                     Dm

Cheeks as red as a blooming rose, eyes are the prettiest brown
F                          C                                                 Dm

She's the darling of my heart, sweetest little girl in town

Chorus        + solo 2x

    Dm              C                           Dm    
I wish I had a big fine horse, and corn to feed him on
         F                        C                                                Dm

And Shady Grove to stay at home, feed him while I'm gone

Chorus         + solo 2x

Dm                      C                                  Dm

Went to see my Shady Grove, she was standing in the door
        F                             C                                                                Dm

Her shoes and stockin’s in her hand, and her little bare feet on the floor



Bridge      Dm – Dm/C – Dm/B – Dm/Bb (3x)  then  - Am   (repeat)

Dm                  C               Dm

When I was a little boy, I wanted a Barlow knife
        F                        C                                                 Dm

And now I want little Shady Grove, to say she'll be my wife


Chorus        + solo 3x

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Orphan Of The Storm              


      G                                                       Am

An orphan of the storm, she moved to Houston

      C                      D                       G

To live below that copper colored sky

      G                                Am

Louisiana girl, born into losin’

        C                     D                   G

The skyline of the city made her cry


        G                                 C

So Lord send me down a fallen angel

            Am                 D

With a miracle to perform

                   C                      D                 G   G/F#    Em

I ain’t the kind who gives up, but I’m so tired of rain

   C                        D                     G

Lord I’m just an orphan of the storm


        G                                                   Am

She lived there before, when she was usin’

                   C                      D                       G

Now she’s standin’ on the same old street again

                   G                                               Am

Yeah that hurricane that blew her back to Houston

            C                     D                       G

Had to give in to the devil’s howlin’ wind



            Chorus        +        Solo (2 lines of verse)


          G                                                                   Am

Now somewhere down the line, there must be salvation

        C                            D                     G

She thought it through, twenty years ago

        G                                    Am

But sin spoke a constant invitation

          C                           D                      G

It was in her veins and wouldn’t let her go



                                          C                      D                G   G/F#      Em

            ..and I ain’t the kind who gives up, but I’m so tired of rain

               C                          D                     G

            Lord I’m just an orphan of the storm  (last line 2x)

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The Wrong Thing To Do                                 


Am                                                        C

Well my Daddy took me camping out under the stars

D                                         Am

Left me by the fire while he hit the bars


And I broke my finger on a trailer hitch

D                                 Am                                C – D - Am

Mama called Daddy a son of a bitch, alright


Am                                          C

Well 100 miles to go, you’re dragging your ass

              D                       Am

I’m in a Japanese car, it ain’t gonna last


And you’re forever driving on the wrong side of the road

                 D                             Am                 

Wearing dungarees that your mother stole


                           D7                                Am

            Well my Mama love me but my Daddy don’t

                          G                           Am

            I try to work it all out, but I probably won’t

                          D7                            Am

            I got a woman waiting at the top of the stair

                          G                                                    Am – C – D – Am    (2x)

            It’s the wrong thing to do, but I don’t care


Am                                                      C

Well she was blonde and tall, she was twenty-three

D                                            Am

Born into the world to get the best of me


And she never paid back half what she stole

D                                           Am

She wanted my money so I gave her my soul


            Chorus    -      then  -        Bridge        E – D – Db  (4x)


Am                                                 C

Well I was flying half-mast on the 4th of July

        D                                 Am

In a bar in Lake City with a western tie


And I was thinking hard about changing my name

         D                                                              Am –C –D - Am

And heading for Miami when the daylight came




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TF, as always.. you're the man with these things. Thanks!


Never thought of playing House of Stone before, strangely enough. Somehow it just never occured to me.. Neither did I realize how simple it was either - very much like an old classic Lost Highway type song, isn't it. Like a rewrite of a prototype song.. Never thought of it. Now, beauty in the simple details is often the case with TP songs and that always strikes me, when occasionally I've been keeping off a song for years for no real reasons just to realize much later how simple and great it can be.. A fun one to play.


The other ones have long been favs of mine, when a guitar is up for dusting off (Wrong Thing - always for electric.)


Weird thing: that last part of the chorus melody for Orphan of The Storm, the D - G progression.. always makes me think of TW's Nobody's Child when I sing it.. not when TP sings it though.. how odd.

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Happy to share.  I've been listening to the Mudcrutch record again the last few days.  It's really good, isn't it?   And like you said Shelter, the beauty is in the simplicity.  That is a common thread throughout Tom Petty's career, and including Hypnotic Eye.  These are simple songs and really fun to sing and play along with.  And you don't need a master's degree in music to sort them out.  The same can be said for Mike's guitar work.  Not always, but much of the time I can get a grip on what he's doing.  Makes it a lot of fun to chart these songs out and play along with the CD. 

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TomFest: wow, thanks for Mudcrutch songs/chords ... a real treat ... for some reason that album is still my favorite over last 20 years; it's just real heartfelt, and I do think the reunion with Leadon and Marsh had a lot to do with it; like Petty says, those were his friends before he became "Tom Petty"

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