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Danny Mac

Clear Channel- Discuss

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Am I the only one that finds this interesting?  Remember "What's a Clear Channel?"

    Look where we are now..  Has Clear Channel come around or the other option?? 

  I looked it up we do not have a Clear Channel in Gainesville, so we would not be able to

hear this..   I just thought it being intersting..Hummmmm

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From what I recall Clear Channel didn't "ban" The Last DJ. Several stations owned by CC just didn't play the song because they felt it was too harsh on the radio industry, so that would be the Program Director's call for their specific station, not Clear Channel owned stations as a whole.


Clear Channel did have the infamous "ban list" after 9/11 though, however it was not mandated. Some PD sent out an e-mail with questionable songs after the attacks that might be negatively received due to the tragedies. Corporate did not enforce it or originate the idea. It was merely an advisory idea by someone in programming, but of course the media blew it way out of proportion. 


Also, Clear Channel is the largest owner of radio stations in the US, and they are expanding their online presence through iHeartRadio, which they own.


As for the question if they have come around? If you mean playing TPATH, corporate doesn't seem to have a problem with them. It was just specific stations. And hey, the way advertising sales are floundering, if they can get more listeners to tune in, as iHeartRadio is PPM I believe, they'll put their differences aside for the almighty buck.   

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