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Uh oh Mud, looks we were hacked or spammed or however you call it! : /


I'd say. Was entering early this morning, checking for setlist updates and such, just to have a rather brisk awakening when, for a split second, I realized the whole set changed!!! The same old list was replaced with a bunch of far east looking titles, no less. Much unexpected, I thought. Could that really swing?


Then of course, one fraction of half a second later, I realized my puzzled excitement was all in vain - it was not that they finally replaced "Runnin Down a Dream" for "Turning Japanese"- no, it was just a boring, stupid and destructive troll coming in for a less than welcome visit, that's all. Adding me as a friend! Wtf! 


Always sad to see this done to nonprofit fan ventures. Just hope it's not too much work and trouble for you admins to rinse the place from the mess they made.


And I guess now is as good time as any to say thanks for your great work with the every day keeping this place tidy and functional. Sorry that idiots like this makes your work less fun! There are no way to be a 100% safe from this sort of thing, anyway, so keep up the good work! I know that I speak for many fans around the globe when I say that it's much appreciated! To quote a phrase. "Don't let the bastards grind you down!" 

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