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Photo of the Day Part III

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Speaking of guitars & hips & leaping around on-stage...  Okay this ain't an image of Tom Petty or any of the Heartbreakers so what am I doing?  It's relevant, honest!!!  :)

  • Here's Angus Young of AC/DC - the energetic lead guitar in schoolboy outfit. Their career runs in parallel with TP & Heartbreakers - came out mid 70s, long-term relatively unchanged line-up, band of brothers.
  • From 4:30 to 7:00 he talks about choice of guitar Gibson SG - because it's light and how another guitar gave him a bruise on his hip.  Also how he needs to balance and how some of his moves are actually to get the notes.  
  • In an aside, apparently Angus = high-energy on-stage but relatively quiet off-stage - whereas his brother Malcolm = the solid rhythm guitar rock at the back of the stage (a bit like Mike Campbell's stage presence) but the laughing loud-mouth in interviews.  Sorry footage is so blurry.  I love interviews where the muso is different from how you might imagine them  based on their on-stage performance. 



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