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Do your own research if you want.... 

I did mine and found this sneaky little spot that seems to be valid based on some interviews I found this spot and they had lots of gear some with heartbreakers logos on them... maybe just a storage spot but that would be a perfect location for a secret clubhouse. When there and asked around and was kinda rushed away. Maybe i'm onto something?


I'll post more if I turn up any further info.


- David



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I don't think the location of the Clubhouse is really relevant. I think it's better the public not know.
They keep most of their priceless gear and memorabilia there.

Revealing the location would be a bad idea.

I see why they keep it a secret--Keeps fans from sitting in the parking lot in wait and keeps burglars away.
It's pricey to have 24hr security guarding a place.


In the early 80s I believe, Tom had trouble with fans going to his house and sitting on his lawn just staring at the place.
He had to hire security to watch his house 24/7. (Inspiration for "Nightwatchman" song).

Even people who've won the Clubhouse Dinner with Mike Campbell for Rock the Dogs were blindfolded and are unaware of the location.


Some things are best left to mystery. Makes it more fun! :)




PS, if you want to know more about TP&HB recording in studios:
check out Dave Grohl's film "Sound City" and the episode of Classic Albums, "Classic Albums: Damn the Torpedoes."

Welcome to the forum as well! :)

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I too have been there and wouldn't publish any addresses or locations even for my closest friends. If you are a true fan you will have respect for the band and their property by never revealing anything you may think you know. The Farm is a kind and gentle place where we protect the ones we love. Please join in with us and refrain from even trying to find the clubhouse.

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