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During the 1980s Tom spent a lot of time at Dave Stewart's house.

4649 Balboa Boulevard 

Encino, California 91316

Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics bought a house a block or two away from Tom in Encino.  "He bought the house and started adding onto it immediately.  With no permits or anything.  And he built a pretty nice studio there.  And he did a lot of work there, and the Wilburys did their first album there, or part of it, anyway."




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Sound City Studios 

15456 Cabrito Road, Van Nuys, California

In 1978, Petty moved to Sound City studios to make a "big" sounding album, Damn 

the Torpedoes, with Jimmy Iovine as producer. The drums on "Refugee"— huge, 

booming, radio friendly — have become a studio a/b mixing standard and one of the 

many points of contention about the band's work with Iovine. Iovine has stated that he 

hates all drummers but really, really didn't like the Heartbreakers' Stan Lynch. 






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The Traveling Wilburys began at Bob Dylan's home studio in Malibu, California.


29400 Bluewater Road, Malibu, California




A few years ago I took a trip to Malibu and went by Bob's house, just a short drive from Tom's place.


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Ryan's Place

Topanga, California


Since 2005, Ryan Ulyate (Recording Engineer / Mixer / Producer) has worked closely with Tom Petty, primarily in Petty's Malibu home studio; in Petty's Van Nuys rehearsal space/recording studio, The Clubhouse; and in Ryan's Place, Ulyate's home studio in scenic Topanga Canyon.  Ulyate's studio is tightly integrated with Petty's home studio.


Highway Companion [2006]

Mudcrutch [2008]

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers: The Live Anthology [2009]

MOJO [2010]

Hypnotic Eye [2014]



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East End Management #1 (moved)

8209 Melrose Avenue, 2nd fl., Los Angeles, CA 90046 

Manager: Tony Dimitriades 



East End Management #2 (moved)

12441 Ventura Court, Studio City, CA 91604 

Manager: Tony Dimitriades 



East End Management #3 (possible current location?)

13721 Ventura Boulevard # 2, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 

Manager: Tony Dimitriades



Tony Dimitriades has managed Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers since 1976

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In Conversations with Tom Petty (pp. 112-113) Tom mentions he and his daughter Adria had lunch at the French restaurant Le Seur and coincidentally met George Harrison at the restaurant.  Le Seur was on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City.  Does anyone know where this restaurant was located?  Address?  I can't find anything about it.  :wacko:  Could it be a different name?

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M.C. Studios 

Woodland Hills, CA


Most of Wildflowers was recorded 

in Mike Campbell's home studio on 

a Soundcraft 1600 that had a 12 

channel Neve 1072 sidecar. Tom 

and Mike recorded most of it them- 

selves, then Rick and an engineer 

(either Richard Dodd or Jim Scott) 

was brought in for overdubs and 

mixing. Lots of what you hear was 

originally intended to be a 'scratch 

track', but the initial recordings were 

so good, and so full of energy, they 

were kept in the final mix. 



Jammin’ Me 1987 

It’ll All Work Out 1987 

Mike’s Life/Mike’s World 1987 

Free Fallin’ 1989 

I Won’t Back Down 1989 

Love Is A Long Road 1989 

Runnin’ Down A Dream 1989 

Yer So Bad 1989 

Down The Line 1989 

All or Nothin’ 1991 

Peace In L.A. 1992



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